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Pet Sitting

Dog Walking

Exotic Pets

Pet Sitting

We know that it can be difficult to balance your desire to travel and provide safe, quality care for your pets. Our pet sitting visits allow your pet to remain in your home where they can be surrounded by all the comforts of a familiar space. As skilled professionals, we guarantee to maintain care and respect for your pets and your home as if they were our own so you can travel with peace of mind.

Drop-in Visits – All visits include all meals, bathroom breaks or litterbox cleaning, routine medications and social enrichment for your pets. For no additional fee, we will also water houseplants, collect mail, take out trash and cycle interior lights for a more lived-in appearance. While our standard visit is 30 minutes, we are happy to customize a schedule that best fits your pets’ regular routine.

Brief Visit (15 min) – $20, additional pets: $5 (dogs), $2 (cats and small pets)
Standard Visit (30 min) – $30, additional pets: $7 (dogs), $2 (cats and small pets)
Extended Visit (60 min) – $60, additional pets: $10 (dogs), $4 (cats and small pets)

Almost Overnight – Almost Overnight visits include a 2-hour visit with your pet sitter in the evening from dinner to bedtime and an hour visit in the morning for breakfast. $125/night

Overnight Care – Overnight care allows a pet sitter to stay in your home overnight with your pets. They will arrive around dinner time and leave after breakfast. One mid-day visit is included. Your pet sitter will return to your home as often as their schedule allows but may be away from the home for up to 6 hours at a time to attend to their regular schedule. $250/night, +$25/additional pet

24-hr Care – Should your pet need constant, 24-hour supervision for medical or behavioral reasons, your pet sitter can be scheduled for a full 24 hour stay. Subject to pet sitter availability. We recommend scheduling well in advance (at least 3-6 months) to ensure availability. Shifts may be split between multiple pet sitters. $400/night, +$50/additional pet

Dog Walking

Regular exercise is necessary for healthy dogs. It alleviates stress, provides mental and emotional enrichment, helps maintain healthy weight and encourages joint health. Experts recommend

Dog Walks – Dog walks prioritize physical activity for energetic dogs. They can include structured leashed walks in your neighborhood or playtime in your securely fenced backyard.

Standard Walk (30 min) – $30, additional dogs +$7
Extended Walk (60 min) – $60, additional dogs +$10

Exotic Pet Care

Not everyone has the experience or knowledge to care for exotic pets. Our pet sitters have just that! We have experience caring for reptiles to parrots to chinchillas to emus and everything in between. If needed, our pet sitters can safely handle most animals in an emergency, administer medications and provide proper dietary needs.

Brief Visit (15 min) – $20,
Standard Visit (30 min) – $30
Extended Visit (60 min) – $60

* Additional pets +$5/enclosure

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France