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About Us

Meet the Owner

I am Anne-Marie Kaden, owner of Tiny Paws Pet Sitting and an expert in animal husbandry. I have been involved in animal care almost my entire life and certainly all my professional career. I became a professional pet sitter in 2017 and have built two successful businesses as a pet sitter on the East Coast and here in Colorado.

I hold a BS in Animal Science from Virginia Tech, which provided structure to what has become my life’s work. I have worked in both small- and large-animal veterinary hospitals, managed private equestrian barns, taught riding lessons, and worked on ranches as a wrangler and trail guide.

With my comprehensive foundation, clients can rest in my unique qualifications for caring for animals of all shapes, sizes and needs. From nervous animals to administering medications, first aid and emergency care, I can recognize and address potential safety and health concerns long before they become urgent.

I am certified in Pet CPR/First Aid as well as a Fear Free Certified Pet Sitter.

My family and I relocated to Monument, CO in July 2022 from North Carolina seeking bigger mountains and a more active lifestyle. My husband, two kids and our canine partner, Percy, enjoy being outside as often as possible, hiking, camping, and kayaking. 

“Pets have more love and compassion in them than most humans.” – Robert Wagner